Sam & Shelley Glionna

What has impressed us the most about John and Tiffany is that they are problem solvers and get the job done regardless of the obstacles.

This trait is worth more than you can put a dollar amount on. We have bought and sold property through Re/max and John and Tiffany have walked us through the ever changing maze of government and central bank regulations and requirements. Their patience and expertise made the experience much more bearable if not enjoyable. We are happy to recommend these trustworthy and dedicated professionals who have made the transition to our adopted country so much easier and successful.

Julie & Gary MacRae

We have never met anyone who goes so far above and beyond the call of duty.

To anyone wishing to purchase property in the Cayo area of Belize; we highly recommend Tiffany at Re/max.

We have Never met Anyone who goes so far above and beyond the call of duty. Tiffany really listens to what you are looking for and what your budget is. She only shows you properties that fit your criteria and makes the purchase very easy. But the service and attention doesn’t stop there.

Tiffany has been instrumental in helping us get all of our licencing and permits we needed to get our business up and running legally, and continues to be a very good friend!

We cannot say enough about this beautiful, talented, knowledgeable, understanding, helpful young lady!!

Highly, highly recommend Tiffany at Re/max in San Ignacio for any of your real estate needs!! Including Rentals!!

Robin & Sophia Clarke

A good realtor is a skilled and intuitive person....John Acott is such a person.

A good realtor is a skilled and intuitive person. They need to translate a customers sometimes vague interest and ideas into solid reality. Somehow they have to work out what it is the customer really wants.

John Acott is such a person. We had been staying in a wood cabin by the river near San Ignacio so naturally started by looking at similar plots. After showing us several houses and plots of land which weren’t quite right John suggested we view a small farm just outside San Antonio village. Initially we rejected the idea not really wanting to become farmers as we still live in the UK plus it was 9 miles away down a muddy road. But he persuaded us and after 20 minutes viewing in the rain instantly fell in love with the place. John and Tiffany helped us through the relatively easy process of buying in Belize and after a 1 ½ years of ownership we absolutely love it.

Nancy & Dave LeVan

The AWESOME Tiffany Swift!

Tiffany helped us find and purchase our house here in Belize. She did an amazing job of listening to what we wanted and pointing us in the right direction. In addition to suggesting properties that met our requirements, Tiffany took the time to show us any properties in which we expressed an interest. In the end, we should have just listened to Tiffany’s advice, as the home she suggested was the best fit for us!

Tiffany’s advice and help have extended far beyond the real estate issues. She offered a lot of information for us as expats from immigration information to where to shop and more. Tiffany has a great attitude, is extremely professional and courteous.

We will recommend her to anyone seeking a real estate agent in Belize. We have also seen her name mentioned in glowing terms on some of the expat discussion boards that we visit.

ReMax is very fortunate to have Tiffany on its team.

Debi and Tom Maykowski

We love ALL John did for us and can't wait to move to Belize.

Tom, Debi and John

To any Belize property buyers,

My husband and I were house hunting in Belize and lucky enough to meet John Acott who works for RE/MAX. We explained to him our interest in buying but we had to sell our house first. He said, “no problem”. John spent the WHOLE day showing us every property we were interested in. Along the way he pointed out many beautiful spots and gave us so much information about Belize.

We had such a great time, John invited us out for evening cocktails. That was such a good time, learning more great things about Belize, we met for breakfast and started all over again.

We ended up spending most of our vacation with John as he continued to show us more of beautiful Belize and all her hot spots.

We love ALL John did for us and can’t wait to move to Belize.

Anyone looking for property in Belize should contact John Acott. He loves his country, knows everything about, and is just a GREAT guy in general.

We’ve never met Tiffany but John says she is great. Better than him! We haven’t yet sold our house but can’t wait to meet her when we next visit for more house hunting.

E-mail or call John Acott if you are looking to buy or rent in Beautiful Belize.

Ian & Trish Henchoz

To say John and Tiffany went the extra mile is a total understatement.

“We met John Acott and Tiffany about 10 years ago when we first visited Belize. We wanted a house with sufficient garden space for our 2 Rottweillers. After much searching, John found us the ideal house well situated on the highway between San Ignacio and Belmopan. Whilst we returned home to prepare for the ultimate move, John arranged for tenants so that the house would be occupied and not left empty in our absence. Due to the nature of the house, finding the right type of tenants was very difficult. During this time, John arranged for garden and pool services and carried out numerous improvements that were necessary to keep the property in good and attractive condition. This also included the washing down and re-painting of the exterior of the house when required. We must emphasize that all this was done off his own bat with us just authorising whatever needed to be done. Being some nine thousand miles away in South Africa, it was a great relief to us to have someone we could fall back on knowing the situation was under control.

Ultimately however, our plans changed and we were unable to make the move and had to ask John to find a buyer for the house. Again, due to the nature of this particular unit, this took some time but eventually John found a buyer. During all this time, John and Tiffany kept in touch regularly keeping us advised of the current situation and offering their services way beyond that of regular Property Consultants. To say John and Tiffany went the extra mile is a total understatement.”

Ian & Trish Henchoz